Know Before You Owe

Completely understand your
patent dispute before you:

  • Pay a settlement
  • Hire an expensive lawyer
  • Compromise your case
I've received a Demand Letter
I've received a Complaint

How to tell the difference?

Demand Letter ExampleA demand letter
Should take the form a regular letter. It should be addressed to someone (Dear [Your Name]) and should have a salutation (Sincerely, Kind Regards [Other Name]). Demand letters can take a variety of forms so yours may not look exactly like the example.

Complaint Letter Example A complaint letter
Should have a "CIVIL ACTION NO" near the top and should be formatted like the picture shown. Complaints should all look very similar. If your document looks very different from this picture then you probably have a demand letter.

Forcast Alert Level

If you've received a summons and complaint for patent infringement

Advanced Complaint Analysis


Advanced Complaint Analysis Report

If you've received a summons and complaint for patent infringement, this report will quickly provide you with all of the relevant information so that you can make the best decisions possible.

Questions included in the report:

  • What are the different possible outcomes?
  • How severe is the complaint?
  • What kind of company are you up against and how do you fight it?
  • Has this company sued anyone before and does it usually win?
  • How aggressive are these lawyers and do they usually win?
  • Is this a legitimate patent and how much does the patent cover?
  • Where does the lawsuit take place and is the court biased?
  • How long will this process take?
  • How much will this cost to settle or fight?
  • Summary: Does one side have an advantage?

If you've received a demand letter

Our reports bring you up to speed on every important factor in a patent dispute.

Demand Letter Express

Patent Report Express

Do you have a legal emergency or is this just a harmless threat? The express report is a quick and easy way to understand your situation. For the price of about 1 hour of a Lawyer’s Time, the Express Report answers the following questions:

  • How serious is the risk?
  • Who sent this demand letter and how credible are they?
  • Is this just a Patent Troll or something more serious?
  • How do I fight this?
  • What are my options?
  • Should I expect litigation?
  • How strong is the patent being used against me?

Demand Letter Comprehensive

Patent Report Express

This report is the ultimate tool for making you an expert on all aspects of your patent dispute. With 8 unique sections, detailed graphs, source data, and easy to understand explanations, this report is a must have for anyone ready to get serious about a demand letter threat.

  • Adversary Business Overview
  • Litigation Overview
  • Adversary Lawyer Assessment
  • Patent Assessment
  • Court Assessment
  • Timeline
  • Cost Projections
  • Demand Letter Checklist


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How did you know that I received a complaint?
  • We subscribe to software which monitors all of the district court filings in the United States. We receive an alert each time a new case is filed. We then retrieve an electronic copy of the court filing to determine who has been sued.

  • Is Patent Action Forecast the same as a lawyer?
  • No. Patent Action Forecast is a data-driven forecast, we show you all of the information so that you can make the best decisions possible. We are not lawyers, and we are not your lawyer. If you do have a lawyer, we can work with him or her to supercharge their efforts by providing data-driven reports and information.